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Three years ago I started my first club - a Suppa Club, for soup lovers who live to eat, who want pure, wholefoods and who want the best of home-style cooking but without having to cook. Just like our soup recipes, our club had humble origins. Working full time through the week, I spent my nights over soup pots, adapting my favourite family recipes with the best W.A. produce I could find. A few hours sleep, then up at 4am on Saturdays and Sundays to bring my tasty, nourishing soups to local farmers markets.

Back then, I believed Suppa Club could transform the way we think of soup. What Andy Warhol did for canned soup, I wanted to do for real, traditional soup made with love! Starting with a range of 4 soups at weekend farmers markets, Suppa Club has grown to offering over 20+ of both hot and chilled soups in 40 retail outlets in W.A. We cater for events and weddings, we deliver right to your door every week, and we still get up at 4am on weekends to serve our delicious soup at the farmers markets that supported us in the very beginning.

Today, you are part of this Suppa Club, this soup revolution. Every time you choose Suppa Club, you grow the local economy and support local farmers. By keeping us in business, you ensure we can keep donating thousands of litres of soup to St Pats and local homeless charities every year (because everyone deserves good, honest food). When you return your soup jars or reuse them at home, you help us help the planet, reducing the amount of waste going straight to landfill.

I’ve always dreamed big, but a club can’t get off the ground with only one member. Thank you for being part of this Suppa Club and being a valuable part of the soup revolution!

Dave x

David Kane


Suppa Club Founder

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What's Cooking


Velvety vegan pumpkin soup, silky and satisfying on the palate, combined with a selection of farm fresh vegetables and an enticing blend of Suppa Club’s exquisite herbs and spices.


Classic leek potato with a smooth creamy soft texture, combined with a select blend of local vegetables and green herbs.


Heart-warming fresh tomatoes and vegetables infused with a select range of Suppa Club’s delectable herbs, finished with a splash of Sauvignon Blanc.

Roasted cauliflower & sweet potato

A grounding combination of local winter vegetables, with a hint of spice to warm you from the inside.


Slow cooked premium WA beef & chunky vegetables infused with a select blend of herbs and mild spices, finished with a splash of vintage port.

Spiced Zucchini Kale & Broccoli

Alkalise & Energise with this natural plant based super food! Enjoy, we all do!

Trio Of Mushroom

Fresh WA Portobello, button & field mushrooms combined with garlic, onion thyme & butter to create a beautifully soft, earthly flavour. Just magic!

Turmeric Carrot Apple & Ginger

Immune boost those pesky free radicals out of that body of yours!


The Big Soup!

Gazpacho (Chilled Summer Soup)

Our take on the classic Spanish summer soup, adapted for our Australian climate! Enjoy, we all do!

Spiced Zucchini (Chilled Summer Soup)

Alkalise & energise with this natural super food chilled summer soup! Enjoy hot or cold, we all do!

Strawberry & rhubarb (chilled summer soup)

Wickedly wonderful chilled summer soup designed for breakfast or desert but just as good as nourishing snack on the go!

Vegan Beetroot & Horseradish (Chilled summer soup)

This summer, reboot with a troupe of roots!

Apple Pie Soup (Chilled Summer Soup)

Fresh WA stewed apples, infused with cinnamon & clove to create nostalgia in a jar! Enjoy hot or cold, we all do!

Beetroot & Horseradish (chilled summer soup)

Reboot with horseradish and beetroot!

Cucumber mint & dill (chilled summer soup)

Cooler than a cucumber! Summer + Soup? It's mint to be!


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