St Patricks Community Support Centre

All of our left over soup is donated to St Patricks Community Support Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia. 

Since 1972, St Patrick’s has worked to help those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Fremantle and the wider south west metropolitan region of Perth.

Their goal is to serve the community through giving holistic, supportive and quality care to those most in need through services such as emergency relief, housing , meals, welfare, education, recreation and health.

Helping people to return to independent living, a safe environment and a better quality of life are key to what St Patricks do, and we're happy to be a part of this.

You can learn more by visiting their website here.


St Patricks & Suppa Club


We believe in sustainability across the board. Our produce comes from local farms, is prepared and sold by local people and when there are leftovers, they’re donated to local homeless charities.

Most of all, we believe there’s a better way of doing things. A business where everyone involved can benefit - from customers to colleagues, suppliers to stockists, charity workers and the people less fortunate. If we all work together we can all reap the rewards.

At Suppa Club, we’re passionate about doing things differently.